singer songwriter & Performing Artist


Keston, is a guy who chooses to express himself artistically throughout life.

He has also managed to developed one of the most versatile sounds to ever come out of Western Canada.

From birth, Keston was surrounded by intricate rhythms created by his father Clarence Ross, a former session drummer and percussionist from the Trinidadian group Charlie’s Root’s.  After losing his arm in a motorcycle accident, Clarence decided to focus on raising a family and moved to Canada.  With the sounds of, Micheal Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, Frank Sinatra, and soca music ringing through every square inch of the house, Keston picked up his dads passion for rhythm and music.

Today, Keston’s distinctive blend of Hip-hop, R&B and Pop has taken him to a wide variety of venues. From the main Pagoda stage during the 2016 Shambhala festival to local festivals such as Sled Island, Global Fest, One Love and various venues like Bloom Nightclub & Marquee.  

Keston maintains an unmistakable sound with a stage presence that will connect you to the best parts of yourself. Sharing his musical manifesto with the world, Keston's music is an audible diary of his life as he continues to find self through music. 

Speaking truth. 

...because, "we're all interesting enough". (Keston 2017)